Education & Training Links

Coaches, Parents and Players,

Below are a collection General Soccer Topics, Each topic will link to a page that will have a collection of Educational/Training Videos. These videos can be used as a valuable resource for Coaches, Parents and Especially players.

Coaches - Utilize these videos to further enhance you ability to educate your players about proper techniques and skills they need to master to become successful. They can also be used as reference material to incorporate into your practices. Keep in mind the videos may be geared for older players or even higher skilled players, understand you may need to modify this information when presenting it to your Players.

Parents - Like the coaches, this material is fantastic for you to better understand the game and assist your young players develop, especially if you have never played before. #1 Be there for your players...Pass the ball with them. Let them try new moves to get around you. Try to get around them. Do NOT be critical, let your players try to find what works for them. Look to encourage and guide.

Players - These video's are presented by high level players and/or Coaches who have dedicated their lives to Soccer. Listen to what these Coaches have to say, follow the demonstrations and drills they run. Watch the players, look at their body positions, the intensity of their play and THINK about how you can incorporate these skills, techiniques and strategies into how you play. AND... Practice these techniques on your own. DO NOT wait for practice or games. Start at first with out the ball, lCopy the the body positions and motions, then add the ball.



Shooting / Passing