Trojan Soccer Travel Program
Posted May 28, 2019

The Trojan Soccer Travel Program is designed to expand the love and knowledge of the game of Soccer for those ages between U9 through U19 in a competive environment. Those who participate understand they are making a commitment to a team and are  expected to strive to do their best both on and off the field.

1. Practice / Game:  Attendance at practice and games is EXPECTED.  Travel teams are competive by nature and in order for a team to be successful attending practice is essential as is working on your skills and knowledge of the game off the practice field.

2. Playtime:  Players are not guaranteed equal playtime at this level. Trojan Soccer does direct its coaches to adhere to scheduling each player a minimum playing time of at least 25% of each game, including participation in both halves of regular season games.  Players may be played short of these guidlines at the discretion of the coach for disciplinary reasons.

3. Tournaments - Our Travel teams try to attend at least one tournament a year, which may entail additional time commitments and expenses.  it is at the discretion of the coach which and how many tournaents they will praticipate in.