Posted Jun 15, 2019


Needs your help!!!

We are an organization built and run by volunteers, that want our children to have a positive experience playing Soccer and it starts with you the parents. 

Open Board Positions

- Treasurer - Responsible for balancing our bank account and writting checks.  Attend Monthly Board Meetings and presenting account balances and expenses.  

- Secretary - Responsible for keeping meeting minutes and posting them to our drop box account

- Webmaster - Responsible for updating and managing website


Coaches / Team Parents

We are always in need to of Coaches and Assistant Coaches.  Every team NEEDS at least one assistant coach (No Soccer Experience necessary)  Assitant Coaches help keep practices organized and structured and are back up coaches in the head coach is absent. 

- Team Parents are invaluable to the coach by coordinating refreshements for the team at games and tournaments as well as seasonal team parties and communicating between the parents and the coaches.